Our average client closes 120 homes per year

Working with the best

Sheri P.

"As  the owner of a  real estate company, marketing is a big part of our business.  After researching several companies we found Real Estate Accel.​​

They have taken our marketing and social media to the next level.  We are now reaching people that we never would have been able to reach without the help of this team.

I truly believe that we have sold some of our listings because of the exposure with marketing and social media that REA has done for us."

Desiree D.
Having Real Estate Accel as part of our team has helped our business grow tremendously. Having a team of people there to answer the phone while we are in the field is allowing us to get to customers faster and convert them into clients like never before. Having Real Estate Accel on the front end to sift through calls saves us time and allows us to focus on qualified clients that need our attention.
Ed P.
Having the support of Real Estate Accel is a real game changer for me.
I make contact with the leads Real Estate Accel nurtures for me.
This allows me to stay focused on other income producing efforts,
knowing when I receive a lead it will be worth my time.
Madison K.
Krista is such a pleasure to work with! She was extremely responsive to not only our internet leads but to our staff as well. She realized how important those lead hand-offs are to us and to our success, and she genuinely cared about our progress! She was helpful and pleasant throughout each transaction. Attention to detail & follow ups! I highly recommend using her & her team!
Tara A.
As a member of the Boyenga Real Estate Team, we receive a multitude of leads.
Timely response and proper scrubbing of the leads has been a huge time sink and challenge.
Since we hired Real Estate Accel, our response time is spot on and
I am only transferred quality leads making me more efficient
so I can focus on my clients rather than qualifying leads.
Love working with this team. I highly recommend them!
Michael W.
Real Estate Accel has been an asset to my business. They have been able to give me more time to focus on revenue producing actions and foster additional time for client relationship building. They are extremely responsive and professional. We hope to grow with them as we look to expand!
​​Heidi P.
We previously had a team of ISA's taking our online leads,
but our response rate and conversion were below industry standard.
After a few years, we knew we had to make a change.
We partnered with them to respond to our online leads
and we can say it was a day and night difference.
We are responding and converting at a much higher level than before. 
Definitely recommend this team of ISA's.
Sarah J.
Real Estate Accel has made a world of difference in my business! REA screens all my prospects to ensure they are viable workable leads. Each contact is fully informed on my services and practices and are happy to work with me when I call. REA provides me with each contact's complete information in reference to their real estate needs which makes me much more efficient and prepared when we connect. REA keeps me busy and has helped grow my business tremendously.